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Accidents At Work

Types of accidents we can assist you with :

Industrial accidents
Injuries from falling objects
Burns and scalds
Exposure to dangerous substances 
Injuries caused by unsafe training exercises 
Damage to sight or hearing
Accidents off-site 
Injuries caused by the repetitive lifting of objects
Accidents involving machinery
Work related stress
Accidents involving vehicles 
Accidents involving animals

Employers Legal Obligations

Your employer has a legal obligation to do everything they can, as for as is reasonably practical, tonensure your safety, health and welfare at work. This requires your employer, among other things, to provide you with:
  • A safe place of work
  • A safe system of work
  • Appropriate equipment which is fit for purpose
  • Competent co-workers
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If your job involves working off site, for example at the premises of a customer, your employer is obliged to ensure your safety, health and welfare apply here too.

If you have been in an accident or you have any queries regarding the above matters,
Contact us without delay on
042 932 8053

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